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National Assisted Living Week

In honor of National Assisted Living Week 2016, we’ve rounded up some of our best assisted living blog posts to share today.National Assisted Living Week

Enjoy reading through these posts which recognize assisted living residents, family and friends for National Assisted Living Week: September 11-17, 2016.

National Assisted Living Week 2016

The week of September 11-17, 2016 is National Assisted Living Week — a time specially designated for caregivers, communities and families to cherish and honor our loved ones who are assisted living residents.

The tradition was established in 1995 by the National Center for Assisted Living. The goal is simple: to show our loved ones in assisted living how much we care.

This year’s activities revolve around the theme “Keep Connected.”

“This week… encourages assisted living communities to support opportunities for residents to use the latest communication tools to engage with the world around them,” says the NCAL.

The NCAL also adds that “Keep Connected” is about more than technology. “Assisted living reminds us that sometimes the best relationships are formed face-to-face. For many staff members, residents become family, and this bond can never be broken. Meanwhile, assisted living communities are an integral part of the larger community. Staff cultivate connections with local business owners, community organizers, government organizations, families and others to ensure that residents remain an active part of where they call home.”

We’ve taken a page from their book and have rounded up our best assisted living posts that fit into those categories.

Assisted Living Caregivers

Caregivers are family members, residents, staff and volunteers who have gone above and beyond in making a difference in others’ lives, and National Assisted Living Week is a wonderful time to honor them.

Here are a few examples of how we’ve recognized caregivers at A Place for Mom:

  • Honoring Sandwich Generation Caregivers
  • How to Get Paid for Being a Caregiver
  • Ways Caregivers Can Build a Support System

Keeping Connected by Cooking in Assisted Living

Creating happiness through healthy cooking in assisted living? I think we’ll all be asking for seconds! Sharing meals with caregivers, family and friends is an ideal way to keep connected. We’ve rounded up posts that highlight nutritious and tasty cooking in assisted living:

  • Cost and Health Benefits of Senior Living Nutrition
  • 50 Nutrition Tips from A Place for Mom Readers
  • Stay Hydrated, Eat Protein: Nutrition Tips for Seniors

Assisted Living Activities Help Seniors Stay Connected

Assisted living residents are happier and healthier when they’re participating in community activities with family and friends. Here are a few of our most popular posts on how assisted living activities can help seniors stay connected:

  • Beyond Bingo: Activities at Senior Centers
  • Fun Activities for Grandkid Visits
  • Social Life for Seniors: Why Assisted Living is Better

Using Technology to Keep Connected with Loved Ones in Assisted Living

Old-fashioned fun brings back memories of joyful times gone by, but these new tech gadgets can bring back a sense of spirit in assisted living:

  • Seniors and Technology in Assisted Living
  • Using Technology to Help Senior Residents
  • Wi-Fi: A New Trend in Senior Living

How are you celebrating National Assisted Living Week? Share your stories and suggestions with us in the comments below.