Caring Hands – Caring Community

Caring Hands – Caring Community is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization founded in 2004 to build awareness and support for the exceptional health care services provided through BayView Healthcare. It is the purpose of Caring Hands – Caring Community to help those in need of health care services and /or financial assistance regardless of their ability to pay.

Caring Hands – Caring Community works to support these programs and ensures the highest donor value possible for charitable donations received. One unique thing about our organization is that we make a 100% promise to all donors and contributors, 100% of all contributions are used on direct program costs. No funds are used to underwrite administrative overhead or executive salaries.

We honor and appreciate those that make our programs possible through contributions on an ongoing basis.

Make Donation!

We  invite you to join the Caring Hands – Caring Community Samantha Wilson Leadership Program.

Individual Bronze ($25.00 a month or more) Individual Platinum ($200/month or more)
Individual Silver ($62.50/month or more)
Individual Gold ($100/month or more)

Corporate Silver ($125/month or more)
Corporate Gold ($200/month or more)
Corporate Platinum ($300/month or more)

Advocate ($5,000 Annual Contribution)
Visionary ($10,000 Annual Contribution)