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Music Therapy with Luci Butler

Lucinda Anne Butler – composer | singer | keyboardist | music therapist

There’s a power in music that goes beyond language, entering the mind, body, and soul on a cellular and energetic level. There’s a healing quality in the resonance of a voice holding a sustained tone, and in the steady beat of a thundering kick drum. There’s a sacredness in music that allows for the most intense and direct connection to divine life pulse, and there’s an indescribable power in the vibration of a large group of people united in motion and intention. I create concerts to honor and guide audiences through these experiences.

For many years I worked as a music therapist to groups and individuals with neurological impairments. My specialty was using music to entrain new neural pathways in the brain. Combining this with performing keyboards and vocals on world tours with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Moby only amplified my desire to share the power that is music.

With an inability to separate the ‘therapy’ from the ‘music’, I am excited to now combine the vibrational healing elements of music therapy with the emotional and energizing qualities of lush ambient rock in new compositions. There is so much power in music and so much power in each of us. My mission is to inspire, take people higher, and create a culture of empowered individuals who ignite great and positive change within themselves, their communities, and throughout the world.